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AIDS Care Service was developed in 1991. While in the basement of Knollwood Baptist Church in Winston Salem, NC, concerned citizens gathered to discuss how to impact a disease that was painfully consuming so many loved ones. Then it was determined by these concerned citizens, the AIDS Care Service founding members, the significant need for developing programs and services geared towards the HIV/AIDS population in Forsyth County, NC. Three years later, founding members of AIDS Care Service implemented its first programming effort, Day Activities which offered healthy meals, education, and overall support for individuals suffering with HIV/AIDS. In 1995, temporary housing support for homeless individuals living with HIV/AIDS was implemented as a major program focus. Efforts were also initiated to begin structuring an End-Stage Family Care Home for individuals suffering with AIDS, later referred to as Holly Haven Family Care Home.

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In 1999, Holly Haven Family Care Home took shape with a focus on providing end-stage medical care for individuals suffering with AIDS which had been ostracized by family and friends. Those requiring end-stage medical care were provided a space to die with dignity under the care of Holly Haven Family Care Home.

After 17 years of providing end-stage medical care at Holly Haven Family Care Home, in 2016, the decision was made to close the doors of the family care home. AIDS Care Service maintain one of the last known family care home’s dedicated to providing services to AIDS clients. For 17 years, Holly Haven has been here to serve the needs of clients dealing with HIV/AIDS. In the beginning, the greatest needs were providing end-of-life care and short-term medical assistance that allowed our clients to either die with dignity or be able to return to independent living. In 1999, there was no other place open to providing either of these services. AIDS Care Service continues to focus on those in our community with HIV/AIDS who need our services to support their ongoing well-being. As the disease has changed, we must change to support our mission of serving and empowering those living with HIV/AIDS.

Over time, additional housing programs and services have developed. Pivotal services such as food pantry, case management, support groups, and emergency housing solutions are maintained to address this growing health disparity. AIDS Care Service continues to move into the future of HIV/AIDS by developing and providing advanced programs/services that cater to the needs of our clients.

AIDS Care Service remains the longest operating AIDS Service Organization (ASO) in Forsyth County, NC.


To empower and serve our brothers and sisters living with HIV/AIDS and to educate our community in the struggle against the disease.


To advance HIV/AIDS care, prevention, treatment, support and education across the State of North Carolina.

Meet Our Team

Ashley L. Love, MSW
Interim Executive Director

Joan Sherrill
Business Manager

Board of Directors

Brent Campbell

Gary Alford
Vice Chair

Andy Hagler

Nancy Young

Hal Garrison
Woodrow Hood
April Green
Troy Hurst
Sandy MacRae
Donnie Stiles
David Miner
Marie Umberger
Maria Jones